Join ARNA - Annual membership levels:

  • Associate Membership - $10.00 : Individuals and entities who do not reside, do not own property or do not own or operate a business within the Association Boundaries are eligible for Associate Membership. Associate Members shall not have the right to vote, hold office or chair a committee

  • Regular Membership - $20.00 : Owners of real property and any legal residents eighteen years of age or more within the Association Boundaries are eligible for Regular Membership. Regular members shall be entitled to one vote

  • Regular Household Membership - $30.00 (up to 4 members). Maximum of two votes per household.

  • Regular Senior Citizen Membership (65+) - $15.00

  • Business Member - $50.00: Business establishments and other entities located within the Association Boundaries, through a representative designated in writing, are eligible for Business Membership. Entitled to one vote.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________If you wish to make a payment by check please mail it to:

NEW ORLEANS LA 70115-1846

Include your name, street address, phone number and email address.

If you are already a member and want to renew:

or make a donation: