Mary Fanning Horaist - PRESIDENT
We look forward to meeting you and hope you find a home in ARNA.”

Mary is originally from Audubon Riverside and returned after Hurricane Katrina. She has a varied and extensive career in many fields including account management, systems and network design for AT&T, and TCM Consulting. After a break for her family and Hurricane Katrina, Mary was active in local government Emergency Operations and Preparedness and served with the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East. She now devotes her time to her new community and was featured in the City of New Orleans' Office of Neighborhood Engagement Citizen Spotlight Features in July of 2017. Mary has served as President since June of 2017 and with the Board raised money for Cops2 through ARNA’s Night Out Against Crime Silent Auction and Raffles. ARNA strives to develop a cohesiveness and camaraderie within our neighborhood, working closely with our local businesses, health providers, Children's Hospital, and our Audubon Park and Institute neighbor.

Jamelyn Trucks - Vice President


Jamelyn Trucks has 23 years of experience in the areas of disaster mitigation and resilience, planning, project development, and business development. This extensive experience and understanding of government policies and procedures for implementing federal disaster grants assists clients in applying best practices as well as developing improved methodologies. She served on the Executive Committee of the Water Collaborative of Greater New Orleans, and served as the chair of the Advocacy Working Group and actively engaged with the Policy and Research Working Group. She is a graduate of the CBNO - Bryan Bell Metropolitan Leadership Forum – Fall 2016 Class and is a board member of Young Audiences of Louisiana. She is married to Mike Stone and has a 4-year-old son, Maxwell. They have lived in the neighborhood since 2009 and are currently renovating their home on Jefferson Avenue. She is an avid supporter of Green Infrastructure in our communities to help us reduce flood risk in the New Orleans area and has a 50-foot long bioswale along the side of her home to collect and absorb rainwater.

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Marc Weiss - Communications/IT Chair

Marc moved to New Orleans in 1972 after teaching at Washington State University for five years. He lived out East, raised his family and worked as the Chief Scientist at the Naval Biodynamics Laboratory at Michoud until 1996. After teaching at Tulane in the Biomedical Engineering Dept. for two years, he married Alice, and moved to Massachusetts to start his retired life. Cycling, photography, carpentry and computer consulting were his primary pursuits and pleasures as was continuing his community acting career. Twenty year later he’s back in NO living in the southeast corner of the ARNA district, enjoying being near his son and his family, part of the ARNA community and an active AARP volunteer.

Ducombs pic.jpg

Stacey Ducombs - Secretary/Membership Chair

Stacey has lived in Audubon Riverside since 2009 after moving from Austin, TX. She is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in Cardiology with the Louisiana State University HealthCare Network and combines providing healthcare with medical education. She has served on the ARNA Board since 2017 and helped raise money for COPS2 through ARNA's Night Out Against Crime Silent Auction. Being very connected to our neighborhood, Stacey’s forged many meaningful friendships with neighbors and frequents our small businesses. She is a Charter Member of the Mystic Krewe of Nyx and is thrilled the parade route begins here in our ARNA backyard! When not working, she enjoys gardening, traveling, volunteering for ASPCA and Friends of the Library. Stacey encourages all her neighbors to spread the word of the benefits of a strong and cohesive neighborhood.

Tiki up close.jpg

Tiki McIntyre - Public Safety

Tiki’s a seasoned realtor, mom, personal trainer, wellness coach and a wife on a spiritual quest -just to name a few of her activities. She works with her husband at Coldwell Banker TEC and has been licensed since 2003, working in the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Destin, Florida markets. Tiki loves being involved with her young daughters as a coach with Girls on the Run and as a captain for their tennis team. After studying Kinesiology, Nutrition, Marketing and Management at LSU, she did an internship in Baton Rouge at the Lake Health Center Gym of Our Lady of The Lake Hospital then worked at the Woman’s Fitness Center of Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge. Working with special populations in both fitness centers proved to be both challenging and very rewarding. She’s now added ARNA to her never ending to-do list.


Alice Weiss - Planning/Zoning

From 1977 to 1998 I was a civil rights attorney and public defender in New Orleans while raising my family. I knew prostitutes, murderers, jails, preachers, racists, communities of people whose poverty almost reached the levels of the Africa they had been taken from. I knew power, empowering, helplessness, timidity, and courage. I have seen greed and violence, known it. Mostly I was scared. Returning to live here after a 20-year hiatus in Massachusetts, my work now: poetry. Can compressing bits of that experience get to an essence that burrows past cliché. Can it, making poems that is, reveal something that I as an individual, or we as a people, a country, cannot face easily about our precious world.


Jordan Keller - Community Relations

Jordan is a lifelong resident of Audubon Riverside. He was born, raised, currently resides, and is employed on the East side of the 400 block of Calhoun St. He attended HNJ, Christian Brothers School, De La Salle High School, USM, and UNO and currently works as Chief Operations Officer at Production Fastening Systems. Jordan is a devoted supporter of both the Pelicans and Saints and has donated several hundred hours of misery and joy to each organization. During the Carnival season Jordan is honored to participate in his annual toast with The King of Rex at the corner of Milan and St. Charles. His goal as board member is to strengthen the cohesiveness of the Audubon Riverside community. He and his wife Stephanie recently welcomed their first Child, Bruno. They also live with an unfriendly Chihuahua named Tupac.