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RESCHEDULED: Please see details of a planned outage re-scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 12th.

• Subject Line: Planned Outage
• Council District: A
• Reason for Outage:

Entergy crews are continuing their reliability work in this area. The outage is required because our crews have completed as much of the work that can be done safely without taking an outage.

Although the crew is hoping the outage will go smoothly and will not take the entire time, they want the residents to be prepared in case it takes the entire time.

• Date of Outage: 12/12/18
• Location: 300 block of Joseph Street
• Number of Customers Impacted: 15 customers
• Length of Outage: 4 hours
o Start Time: 8:00 am
o End Time: 12:00 pm
• Notifications made to customers:
o Outage letters will be distributed to each customer prior to the outage
o Robo calls will be made to each customer prior to the outage
• Additional Measures If Needed:
o An assessment will be made midpoint through the day to determine if unforeseen delays may cause the outage to last longer than anticipated. Our Community Outreach Team will go door to door notifying the residents of any changes.